Due to COVID-19 all of these community gatherings have been suspended. Please visit our Public Health page for further information.

Kinderspiel / Child’s Play

From small beginnings at the end of 2010 the initiative has grown into a much thought after venue for children and parents. The wish to raise children bilingual has steadily grown with time and we have expanded into three groups of children between the ages of 1–4. In each group, one parent is always present. Class meets for about one hour starting at 1:30 p.m.

The creative teacher delights the children with German songs, crafts, painting activities and movement games. The children learn in a playful way the German language and culture. If you like to learn more about these classes please contact the church office.

German Lessons

Erika H. Jarjour teaches German in the conference room at the church.

We have 6–10 weeks (1x per week) lessons. With the help of textbooks, Grimm’s fairy tales and other available teaching materials, we translate from German into English and vice versa. The grammar is not too short and German entertainment is not forgotten.

Our group is from members of the congregation and also many loyal long-time participants. We enjoy learning and laugh often in the casual teaching and learning atmosphere. Our motto is “SPAß AN DER FREUD”, or just for the fun of it.

We are looking forward to many more German lessons and especially new German students.

Contact the church office or Erika Jarjour

Senior Circle

Every first Thursday of the month, a large number of women and men meet at Christuskirche for a senior party. Some even just call it the “social circle” to make it clear that everyone is welcome who are interested in community and nurturing friendships, regardless of age. Often there are around 20 to 25 people who value this great community.

Prayer Circle

A group of friends gather on Tuesdays at 10:00 a.m. at Irene Hoefer’s house. They have adopted an important task; to pray for individual persons, for the congregation, the church, and especially for peace in the world; Bible readings, time for prayer, and to top it off they share a lunch, prepared with love by the hostess. Two hours just fly.

Everybody is invited to join. You may also put a prayer request into our collection bag on Sunday, strictly confidential! You will find the forms in our pews. If you are interested please contact the church office for address and telephone number of Irene Hoefer.